Brett & Valerie McAlpin

Mission to the World, Bulgaria

The McAlpins live in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, where they serve on a church-planting/revitalization team. Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria and is the center for culture and arts in the country. The McAlpins use their gifts and experiences to minister through preaching, teaching, business as mission, sports outreach, and hospitality.

The Bulgarian people are trying to recover from decades of Communism. Widespread unemployment and rampant corruption leave young people with few options and little hope for a brighter future. Brett and Valerie desire to see young Bulgarians come to faith in Jesus and grow as leaders in the Church. Pray for the McAlpin family as they seek to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to Bulgaria.

Bassam Chedid

Children of Abraham

Bassam Chedid is president and director of Children Of Abraham (COA) ministry. COA was founded in 1977 to communicate the saving message of Christ to a largely un-evangelized Arabic community in and beyond North America. 

COA’s purpose is “to glorify God and advance His kingdom through the communication of the Gospel of Jesus Christ both nationally and internationally, to engage in and carry on, missionary work, to publish Christian literature, to produce Christian programs in order to spread the saving message of the Gospel.”

Gavin & Shalaine Breeden

Reformed University Fellowship

Tennessee Tech University

Reformed University Fellowship is a community of students that exists to love and serve God and Tennessee Tech. Our goal is to help students come to understand, know, and follow Jesus Christ as they walk through their college years, and to help lay a foundation for a lifetime of following Jesus and serving him in all areas of life. We're here for the campus, both for students from any religious background and students who have no religious background at all.